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Welcome to our house painting referral company for all of your home painting needs. "Our Philosphy: We want you to be pleased, happy, and ecstatic about your new painted home - the first day and everyday!"

We formed as a group of house painters who are committed to providing personal assistance to people who need our services. The Consultant group is made up of various professionals who are experts in this specialty. Our experts will come to your home or office to discuss the best paths forward into solving your hpme improvement need.

Our Painting companies primarily work with renovations of homes that have been rented or are about to go on the market. We focus on providing a low cost solution for getting your home painted inside and out. Paying attention to details is our strongest belief. We generally use Behr Paint because of it's great quality and the vast array of colors that are provided.

Fresh Painted Homes on Time and Budget

High Quality Professional Home Painting, Repainting, Staining, and Spraying Services. An excellent quality professional painting services: Spraying trim, baseboard, inside/outside doors, railings, caps, shelves; Painting interior/exterior walls (stucco), ceilings, floors; Staining wood, inside doors (barn doors), railings, fireplace area, etc.

Our professional team has been in the painting business more than 10 years. We have done various projects from small to huge buildings, from easy to very difficult jobs, but we are not afraid of any painting project. Our mission - to leave every painted home, house, building with a smile on client's face! We are always trying to do our best, using our experience, professional tools, supplies etc.

We can provide FREE Home Painting Services Estimate in 24 hours. Our Painting contractors offer Low, Cheap, and Reasonable Prices for an Excellent Quality Interior Painting Service. We Paint Walls and Ceilings, Cutting Ceilings. Painting all House, one or a few Rooms, Bathrooms, closets, kitchen, basement, garage etc.

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Remodeling? Start with Interior Painting

No matter what your remodeling ideas might be, start with the perfect Paint job. Here are some Remodeling ideas / samples that are sure to warm your senses.

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  • Painting contractor offering Low/Cheap/Good/Reasonable priced work.
  • Prices and excellent quality interior paint jobs.
  • Painting services in Miami and surrounding areas.
  • Painting walls and ceilings with good quality paint in Miami area.
  • Professional painters.


Do you need to paint the whole house? Or do you need to paint a few rooms - bathrooms, closets, kitchen, basement, garage etc.? How much does it cost to paint a home interior or room?

Calculating Room Painting Costs.

The Cost to Paint an average size room (10X12) ranges from $200-$390, not including ceilings, trim or Cost of the Paint. DIY, this can Cost between $200-$300. When estimating the Cost,Painters will start with how much Paint will be required to complete the job. To know this, they first need to know the size of the area to be covered. The easiest way to calculate the size of the paintable area is to add together the length of the wall and multiply it by the width of the room from floor to ceiling. The resulting amount is the room's square footage. This total is a starting point, as it is not all paintable surface.

The Painters won't paint the windows and doors, for example, and they must account for ceiling trim and baseboards as well. The next step is to subtract the area of the doors and windows -- along with the square footage of the trim and baseboards -- to get an average. Then, use the same calculation (length x width) on the windows, doors, trim and baseboards, and subtract all of those numbers. The result of this equation is the square footage of the room's walls. This is your surface area number. (Painters will typically add a little square footage back in to this amount to account for extra Paint, which may be required.)
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A good painter understands the materials and what works best with each surface. This is vital to the exterior preparation of house painting! Exterior painting requires planning and good prep work. Here are some ways in to ensure proper exterior house painting: 

Exterior House Painters - Preparing the exterior space:

  • Cover trees, plants, shrubs & decks
  • Mold  & mildew removal.
  • Fill in cracks or holes.
  • Wash surfaces 
  • Minor caulking around windows & doors (Not automatically included).

The homeowner will be responsible for removing all patio furniture and potted plants prior to exterior house painting.

Miami Exterior House Painters - The Paint application Process:
  • Prep all wood surfaces. Also prime them with oil before paint.
  • Oil primer not only seals the wood but it also creates a perfect base for the exterior latex top coat.
  • Application of the chosen latex paint top coat.
  • Inspection of the completed exterior paint job with the customer. 
  • Clean up begins. 


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