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Interior and Exterior Home Painting

We are a premium reliable painting company, Miami. As a renowned house painter, we have an extensive array of experience painters capable of delivering top quality jobs in diverse areas. From spraying trim to painting interior/exterior walls, railings, baseboard, and so on, we are your, shop for quality painting. 

Our professional Painting team has a combined experience of more than a decade. Irrespective of the size of job, or nature of the job, we have what it takes to give you a first class delivery of service. For homeowners in and around the Miami area, you will be delighted to know that we never compromise on the quality of our work. In the end, we want to leave you happy, satisfied, and more importantly, delighted with our professional service. We have the tools, equipment, manpower and technical know-how to handle any painting job. 

Grecopaintingwaterproofing offers a wide range of pocket-friendly prices, that meet the demands of various homeowners. We provide the same quality service across the board from painting bathrooms to the kitchen, walls, and so on. 

Cost of painting a home 

There is no set price for home renovation and in particular painting. There are lots of things to consider when it comes to estimating a bill of your home painting plans. The truth s different painters have different prices for various painting jobs. Typically, the price range is often determined by the nature of the job and the time of year. Painting jobs are more expensive during summer months than in winter. Other considerations will have to do with the time spent on the job. Normally most house painters will have a flat rate for each hour. Exterior surfaces have a large area of coverage, and as such they will cost more, on the other hand, interior painting jobs usually cost less because they require lesser space. 

Interior Home Painting 

The cost to paint an average room excluding ceilings usually falls around $200-400. You will need to consider the number of paint you require, among other things. The bulk of your cost will be dependent on the size of the interior surface, and more importantly if you will include the ceiling. 

Exterior home painting 

You have to take into account if you are using a new color or a fresh coat of your current hue when determining the price of painting an external surface. Other price consideration will include size of the house, location, type of house, and much more. You will also need to factor in the type of paint to use. Paints for exterior surfaces usually cost around $400-600.

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